Curiosity takes you where you need to go, to learn what you need to learn.

Curiosity Company promises to keep the spirit of exploration alive by all means possible, addressing the need for effective and relevant career guidance to better anticipate the future of work, using career coaching, design thinking and expeditions throughout Southern Africa to do so.

Depth Leadership & Tracking Expeditions

Young Explorers in the Kruger National Park

Francois Malherbe hosts the recent African Chapter Connect for The Explorers Club

Okavango Delta Walking Safari

Why Curiosity Matters: 

What the kids say

Without curiosity we wouldn’t learn anything or try new things. You need to be curious to learn and look for the outcome of trying something new. It helps people grow. I learned that curiosity is something to nurture and grow and discover. You can become curious to find something you love. Curiosity is a good and amazing thing. Although I am sometimes too shy or don’t feel like it’s important to ask certain question or try something I always wanted to- I can do that here with Francois, I can be free to be curious and one thing I learned is that there are a lot of curious people just like me. I can take it anywhere and share it. -  Faith (14)

Curiosity helps us learn and explore, without curiosity we wouldn’t have gotten to places like the moon. It makes us want to know the unknown. - Oliver (14)

Curiosity opens the mind to view things you never get to view, like when Francois took us on the sleep-out nights in the Kruger National Park. You also learn things you never thought you would learn like how to become a scientist and make an impact in nature through conservation. 

- Kira (13)

Curiosity is important because it gives your life a sense of adventure. Curiosity is not knowing what will happen but it entices you, which brings out your sense of adventure. It’s figuring our things that you don’t know but want to learn / figure out. Without curiosity you won’t learn new things. Curiosity makes you think about things that you wouldn’t expect to think about. Curiosity is a very important aspect of life. -  Holly (15)

Curiosity is important because it it makes it possible and ok to ask questions and it can help you find the answers to difficult questions. You won’t stop trying to figure out the answer to questions until you know them. Curiosity can be used many times in life to become smarter, and as Francois taught us; “Curiosity skilled the cat”. - James (15)

Curiosity is important because it allows you to take risks and do things beyond your comfort zones. I learnt that being curious is a good thing and that it forces you to ask good questions and to solve problems. Being curious taught me how to properly work in a team and how you can connect with teammates and group members, and being vulnerable allows you to look at yourself and see the truth about yourself so that you can understand yourself better. - Treddy (16)

Curiosity gives you a different and more positive outlook in nature and your environment. It gives you the will and energy to keep looking till you find an answer. Curiosity is the base of finding answers to almost everything and anything. It fuels your drive to work hard and to solve problems that come your way - it sparks creativity and adventure, and without it you will never find your passions. - Lily (16)

Curiosity matters because if you didn’t have any you wouldn’t have any urge to get out of your comfort zone and discover the unknown. Life would be so boring if you had no curiosity. You wouldn’t push your boundaries you wouldn’t ask amazing questions and there would be no drive towards your learning. This is why it is so important to be curious- there is always something to be learned. -  Daniel (16) 

Curiosity matters because it is all your senses combined. It makes you more alert and can keep you alive. It makes you better at seeing, listening to your own body. I am learning tracking in the wilderness now, and how to feel more present. It has made me see things in a whole different light and perspective. - Ella (16)